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International Product Policy

Shopping & Finance brings some exciting facility for people all over the country. You can order any product from any country or website via Shopping & Finance. If the product price is within BDT 5,000 you don’t need to pay any advance ( Condition Apply. Please check eligible page. ).

Before order any product from international source please make sure that we brought product exactly the product link you gave us. Before ordering us any international product please check your product color, size, warranty policy and confirm this info by yourself. After finalizing those info you could send us the link and order.

You will get your warranty which manufacturer gave you. You can claim your warranty from Shopping & Finance. We are responsible for any kind of warranty or guarantee which is offering by Manufacturer or seller.


What happens after the delivery time has elapsed?

We can’t confirm you that we will bring your ordered product. Sometimes product got missing. For overseas product delivery time is 60 days. If we failed to ship the product within 60 days you will get your refund if any advance payment is done by yourself. Or you can order the product again without claim your refund. It will be counting another 60 days shipping time if you order the same product again.


You will get your refund within 72 hours after claiming.

When we ship your product please check the product properly. After receiving the product by yourself we only responsible for warranty. Not for any broken or damaged product. If you find in delivery time please return the product to our delivery man or our showroom or office.


What if I want to cancel my Overseas Physical Product?

You could cancel your international physical product within 7 days after order. And if you made any advance payment you will get your refund within 7 days. We will not accept any cancellation or product change after 7 days.


Are overseas products sold by shopping & Finance covered by manufacturer warranties?

We will not offering any warranties from overseas product. We only send it to our buying source. You need to pay that shipping cost only. If you need to get any warranty for any product please contact


Do I have to pay shipping, extra duties or taxes for overseas product?

No. all overseas products ordered by shopping & Finance are delivered at no additional cost to you. You are not expected to pay any additional duties or taxes. For example: if you find a product price on amazon is $50. We will calculate it dollar to Taka Rate. If dollar rate is 80 BDT for per dollar you have to pay only 4000 BDT. You don’t need to pay any extra duties or hidden charge.

Feel free to talk to us

You don’t require any kind of signup or registration for ordering any International Products. But you need to be a registered Customer at Shopping & Finance if your ordered product worth up to 5000 BDT ( Condition Apply ). And you need to contact us first before ordering any kind of Drone.


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